How it Works


Robust Construction and Engineering

PressureGuard outshines the competition with durable components that increase the system’s life, decreasing maintenance and replacement costs and the hassle of roadside tire repairs.

PressureGuard routes air from the trailer air supply tank to the tires, maintaining pressure at a pre-set level. If a tire’s pressure drops below the pre-set level, compressed air will replace the lost volume and return the tire to proper inflation levels to reduce wear and improve fuel consumption.

In cases where immediate action is warranted—where tire pressure has decreased 20 psi or more—a warning light alerts the driver so that the problem can be isolated and repaired at the next terminal or maintenance facility. This pre-emptive warning and automatic inflation system can avert additional tire damage, excessive wear, blows-outs and damage to other vehicles sharing the road.

PressureGuard's durable system components require minimal service and replacement, and most components can be reused when servicing wheel ends.

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