imageTires live and die by air pressure

Keeping the proper tire air pressure is critical to the successful operation of your fleet—and is the least expensive way to save on fuel. With new fuel efficiency regulations on the books, that’s more important than ever.

PressureGuard maintains the proper inflation of your tires to protect your investment. With consistent, dependable and proper tire inflation, you can effectively reduce tire repair costs, extend tire life and improve fuel economy—and produce higher-quality casings for retreads.

But there’s more to the story than fuel efficiency. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 33,000 injuries occur every year due to underinflated tires, and 23,000 tow-away crashes happen as a result of blowouts and flat tires.

Let PressureGuard help maintain the proper air pressure in your tires. You’ll save money on fuel and repairs, stay compliant with fuel efficiency rules, and protect your drivers and others on the road.

our advantages

Protect your investment.

  • 1.BETTER FUEL ECONOMY AND TIRE PERFORMANCE Tires’ level of inflation directly and dramatically affects wear and fuel economy. Properly inflated tires last longer, help maintain new fuel efficiency standards,  and offer a safer ride.
  • 2.DECREASED MAINTENANCE NEEDSPressureGuard reduces time spent on tire repair and replacements, eliminates the need for routine pressure checks, and makes lubrication procedures and tire changes fast and easy.
  • 3.LOWER OPERATIONAL COSTSPressureGuard responds to small leaks caused by roads hazards like nails and metal debris, while alerting drivers to large decreases in pressure that require immediate attention—preventing blowouts, breakdowns, costly repairs and delayed deliveries.

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