Press Release

To further customize your automatic tire inflation system to meet your needs, PressureGuard functionality-rich modules are add-ons to your system. For additional functionality, all modules are available to retrofit to existing automatic tire inflation systems of ANY MAKE.

OVER-INFLATION FUNCTIONALITY MODULE commonly known as Inflate Deflate
Inability to solve over-inflation was identified as one of the two primary drawbacks of automatic tire inflation systems, with the cost of spare parts being the second drawback. Tires gain as much as 20% to 30% of their cold pressure during operation due to temperature, friction, braking, etc. PressureGuard’s PATTENTED Relieving Functionality Module allows your automatic tire inflation system to relieve pressure from over inflated tires.

WHEEL-END ISOLATION MODULE - Coming to the market soon
Automatic tire inflation system warning lights indicate that a low pressure condition exists in a tire on your trailer, but locating that tire can be a time-consuming process. To save you time, the PressureGuard Wheel-End Isolation Module immediately identifies the tire that has the loss of pressure.

TELEMATICS INTEGRATION MODULE - Coming to the market soon
Now PressureGuard can integrate with any telematics provider to inform dispatch and/or management of low-pressure conditions, including which wheel-end has the low-pressure condition.