PressureGuard Acquired by Servitech Industries

PressureGuard Acquired by Nashville’s Servitech Industries

NASHVILLE, Tennessee, September 22, 2014 – PressureGuard™ Tire Inflation Systems announced today that it has been acquired by Servitech Industries, North America’s premier provider of coating services to the automotive, heavy truck, appliance, construction, utility, commercial lighting, and HVAC industries. PressureGuard is now headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, where its marketing and manufacturing staff have been relocated.

By maintaining proper tire inflation, PressureGuard lowers fuel costs, improves operational performance and reduces the need for routine pressure checks.  With consistently dependable and correct tire pressure, fleets can effectively reduce their tire repair costs, extend tire life and provide higher quality casings for retreads.

PressureGuard’s robust system rises above the competition with the durability of its components insuring years of reliability and lower replacement costs.  Its innovative yet simple design promotes fast installation and superior roadside maintenance.  The patented rotator metal hubcap allows air hose fittings to be easily aligned with valve stems when changing tires and/or wheels.  Other convenient features such as removable hubcap venting plugs make lubrication procedures uncomplicated, and hand-tighten connections at both cap and tire ends allow installation and replacement without a wrench.  History has shown the PressureGuard system can be retrofitted on a tandem axle trailer in two hours, and for new trailers, installation will be even less costly and faster.

“I’m excited to welcome PressureGuard to Servitech,” said Forrest Butler, president of Servitech. “PressureGuard’s proven ability to improve fuel economy and reduce tire wear makes it an ideal fit for our family of products.” PressureGuard joins other Servitech products serving the automotive industry, including SermaGard®, a line of sacrificial metallic/ceramic and non-sacrificial barrier coatings designed for extreme corrosive and temperature environments. Offering inorganic ceramic, organic epoxy and fluoropolymer chemistries, SermaGard coatings provide outstanding salt spray performance, chip resistance, adhesion characteristics and ductility.

About PressureGuard
PressureGuard is a leading manufacturer of automatic tire inflation systems. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, PressureGuard has provided automatic tire inflation systems to the North American commercial vehicle industry for nearly 30 years. Visit PressureGuard at

About Servitech
Founded in 1988, Servitech Industries, Inc. is North America’s premier applicator of SermaGard® and RoBo® Coatings. They are centrally located in Nashville, Tennessee, providing coating services to the automotive, heavy truck, appliance, construction, utility, commercial lighting, and HVAC industries.

For more information:
Forrest L. Butler, President
615.227.9899 ext.117

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