Rubicon Coatings are primarily known for RoBo® coatings, which are used in applications requiring resistance to strong oxidizers in addition to outstanding adhesion and ductility. RoBo has become the industry standard coating for constant tension hose clamps in North America since it was introduced in 2005. Warranty costs associated with broken hose clamps due to stress corrosion cracking have been virtually eliminated since RoBo’s introduction.

We also offer NitroPlate, metallic/ceramic coatings that are spray applied and oven cured to produce a very durable finish. We then either polish to a high luster or apply ceramic topcoats to meet the customers’ desired appearance and performance needs.

Rubicon Coatings are a division of Servitech Industries, Inc., North America’s premier provider of coating services to the automotive, heavy truck, appliance, construction, utility, commercial lighting, and HVAC industries. We are centrally located in Nashville, Tennessee. We are ISO/TS 16949:2009 registered.

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