Proper tire pressure is essential to a well-run, fuel-efficient fleet, but frequent inspections cost time and money—and neglect can be even more costly. As the most robust and durable automatic tire inflation system on the market, PressureGuard maintains the proper inflation of trailer tires, helping you stay in compliance of fuel efficiency regulations.


EPA Floats New Fuel Efficiency Rules

Let PressureGuard drive savings and compliance with new fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty trucks.


% of tire problems in U.S. fleets as a direct result of improper inflation:
80 %
Percentage of vehicles on the road with at least one tire severely underinflated:
40 %
Percentage of annual maintenance budget typically spent on tires:
20 %
Percentage proper tire inflation with PressureGuard can increase fleet wear:
17 %



PressureGuard routes air from the trailer air supply tank to the tires to maintain pressure at a pre-set level. If a tire’s pressure drops below the pre-set level, compressed air will replace the lost volume and return the tire to proper inflation levels, to reducing wear and improving fuel consumption.

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